MJD Mechanical Services provides logistics solutions ranging from component and machine transport, in-field mobile crane and transport for component C/O, emergency hotshots and de-mob and re-mob requirements for main machine haulage and accessories to and from site.

The services cover organisation of all aspects required for movement of heavy equipment. Our site also benefits heavy haulage with dual access direct to primary heavy routes running to the north, west and south. This allows for most machines to leave our site with minimal restrictions and in a mostly assembled form to minimise assembly when arriving at site.

The provision of a crane truck for hotshots and component transport also complements the field service units in component change outs and breakdown repairs.

For diversity, our own vehicle is convertible from prime mover with 24ton payload, to body truck with 10ton payload.
In either configuration the crane capacity of 17ton@2metres to 2.6ton@11.5metres is capable of self load and unload in most situations.